We are able to help many different clients, with a wide variety of  needs.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

We are able to complete your Self Assessment Tax Return for your review and submit it electronically to HMRC once you have approved it. We will advise you of the amount of tax due, and the dates upon which payments need to be made to HMRC. We can also discuss whether you may be able to have the amount of tax due deducted through your tax code, rather than making payments during the year.

We are always keen to find ways to reduce your tax bill, within the parameters of the law, and will discuss matters with you such as, for those with their own business, whether it is possible to claim a reduction for use of  your home as your office, whether you can claim business mileage, and so on.

For those with different sources of income who need to fill in a tax return, for example if you have rental income in addition to income from employment, again, we will discuss all aspects of this fully. We will advise as to whether there may be any way of claiming tax relief, for example mortgage interest relief, which may then be used to reduce the amount of tax due.

 Help and Advice

We want our clients to understand exactly where they stand, and we are very happy to offer advice in many different areas. A few examples are as follows, but if there is anything which you feel we may be able to help with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • PAYE- You may have received a coding notice from HMRC and wish to discuss the      implications of your new tax code, and the effect it may have on the amount of tax which you will be paying. We can review this with you, and if you wish, can deal with HMRC on your behalf if necessary.  
  • Landlords- If you are thinking of investing in property, or if you are an experienced landlord, we can offer advice on how best to deal with your rental income so that your tax liability is minimised. There are various schemes which can be used, such as the mortgage interest relief scheme mentioned above, which can reduce the amount of tax due, and in addition we can advise you on other matters, for example whether it is best from a taxation point of view to let your property furnished or unfurnished. 
  • HMRC Correspondence- If you have been contacted by HMRC on any matter, and if you would like some advice as to how best to deal with it, we would be only too happy to help, and liaise with them on your behalf if necessary.